a fidgeting mind

a reservoir of words Jesus.

love taught me to hold my tongue

i know myself— i am impatient and i tend to say what’s on my mind under pressure and when agitated, without thinking about my words.
with you, though, i learned to think through what i had to say
because i cared about your feelings
and i guess that proved that i cared about you
and loved you too.

thank you

for consuming the thoughts
as the thoughts consumed us.

reservoir 4/16/13

“i gots a gun.”

—   rdd
really now? Why are you contacting me? gah.
new blooms, new life.

“you’reBEAUTIFUL:everylittle p i e c e, (love)
&when you find everything you’ve looked for
i hope that life leads you back to my front door
but if it don’t

—   Tswift. thankful, happy, and amazed how things have changed. i think I’ll always have an ounce of care (how could i not?), but i have thankfully had it settled in my heart to just let go and let grow


i am so confused as to what to make of this
or me making something out of this is even welcomed
or if you’re just really friendly
but I think you kinda like me
i mean, you kinda hafta like someone that you choose to call at midnight and talk to for two hours
and make plans of visiting

i can’t— he doesn’t.

And there came a time

…when we both let go,
when we hope to let grow
all that we’ve kept each other from.

Me: kid i told u abt called!
Ddr: would u marry him?

O.o’ 11.28.2012

I hate the person I love the most.
I love the person I hate the most.

meet me in the memory.

Wasn’t that something

Wrapped in each other with our eyes on the clock

And as hard as it is

When I’m thinking about you

I wouldn’t change a minute of it

When you’re caught up in the hurt

On the other side of the earth

Just meet me in the memory

When the waves hit you now and then

You’re awash in what we might have been

Just meet me in the memory

So close to nothing:

What are the chances that we would collide?


Me: (crying at this point) you don’t care about me anymore. i know you. you’re so done.
d: (screaming) of course i care about you. i wouldn’t be f-ing here if i didn’t. i shouldn’t have come.